Below are a few of my personal projects. Most are libraries for the Bigloo programming language. Bigloo is a dialect of scheme that targets native binaries via C and the jvm. I find it to be a fun and productive language for my personal projects, striking a very good balance between expressiveness and performance.

lambda-aws-bigloo is a proof of concept lambda runtime for Bigloo scheme supporting both compiled and interpreted lambda functions in scheme.
hoard is a collections library for Bigloo scheme. It provides a number of abstract data type protocols (e.g., queue, set, dictionary, etc…) and multiple implementations for each.
btest is a simple testing library for Bigloo scheme.
bcurl is a bigloo binding to the curl library. It is a work in process but is useable in its current form.
bigloo-concurrent is a Bigloo port of Takashi Kato’s scheme-concurrent library.